Donate Litecoins instead of cash

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Donate Litecoins instead of cash

The Pirate Party Of Greece, like any other political entity needs funding to work. There is now a way you can help, other than donations in cash; Litecoins.

The crises in our country has greatly diminished our fundraising ability, so an alternative way was found - a collective mining for Litecoins, by our members and friends, for the benefit of the Pirate Party of Greece.

Litecoin digital currency (a variation of bitcoin, something like its little brother) is produced (or minned) with mining programs running on PCs that use either the CPU (Central Processing Unit) or the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

Litecoin gives the ability for "team mining" (pool mining). That means that a large number of computers, around the Internet can mine and the result, the digital currency, goes to a central point (wallet).

Pool mining has a lot of advantages; one computer by its self is not "strong" enough to mine with good results. To understand the process of mining lets say a few words about it first:

Litecoins are hidden inside packages (blocks) of cyptographic mathematical equations and the processing power of the PCs is used to decrypt and solve those equations with the production of the so called hashes. The faster the computer the more hashes it produces per second (h/s). Litecoin production is thus achieved.

A single PC by it self is not strong enough to produce/mine a large number of digital coins per day. But if enough PCs are combined through pool mining, they can produce a sufficient amount of digital currency, by dividing the block it is contained in, in to smaller pieces and solving those. The more we are, the better we can work to get more Litecoins. It is this cooperation that makes all the difference in pool mining. That is why Litecoin was chosen and the proper procedures where organized, so you can take part, mining. The mining program can "run" on your computer without too much load (uses idle cpu time) and you can do your work as usual.

If you want to help fund with Litecoin digital currency, you can install a program on your computer that will "dig" for Litecoins and offer them as donation to the Pirate Party. The only thing you have to do is to run the program when you computer is turned on and it will do all the work.

The programs needed for this procedure are:

If your PC runs windows 32bit, you can download and install this:


If your PC runs windows 64bit, you can download and install this:



There are a lot of botnets arround with mining code, so a lot of antivirus and antispyware falsly detect the above programs as malitious. If your antivirus/antispyware is nugging you, make an exception for the create folder (\cpu32 or \cpu64) and/or the minerd.exe executable.Some of those will try to erase the executable (.exe) (like Spybot) or put it in "quarantine". Also many antivirus have a more complex procedure, so you have to find in the documentation provided with them how to except the folder and/or executable. In case the executable is erased, just repeat the installation. If you are running linux, we imagine you are adept enough to find instructions on how to use more complex mining programs, but you can also go to our wiki page:

Funding with Litecoin (Pool mining)

Litecoin mining by friends This topic is for questions of the P2Pool mining node of the PPGR or anything else that has to do with mining. We will be there to answer any question you might have.

If you allready have a wallet with Litecoins and/or Bitcoins you can make a donation here:

For Litecoins LRANtpZmKybW6aoqSGAqHqejakgaRMCC2Z

For Bitcoins 18PnoW7XxNDCwZJtK1CTbnzR5Becn3ZXSf

Other ways to donate money: "Financial Support"

For transparency (one of our basic principles), all financial information on the Pirate Party of Greece is available on the Net and you can find them here:

Financial Data

Pirate Party of Greece